Get to know what is Handicap Betting
[ 14-01-2018 ]
Get to know what is Handicap Betting

Always, during the big football tournament like FIFA World Cup or the Euro Cup, beginners always rushing their time to learn and questioning about how do the normal bettors place their bets for football. The most question that they will be asking is “What is Handicap Bet?” In fact, there are still many ways to bet for football like over under, 1X2, and so on. These and many more ways you can simply find in Singapore Sportsbook by simply log on to the website of TONY88.

Today in Singapore Sportsbook, we are focusing on the Handicap Betting. This might be a little complicated, so I will take this opportunity to make a brief explanation about it. In any match, handicap betting will give a team a virtual deficit to overcome before the match starts. In this situation, the opponent of the team will receive a virtual start. The decision of yours that betting on any team will have the victory will have the handicap considered of the conclusive results.

Here I will be giving an example, let us say Manchester United versus Arsenal have the result of 3-1 by having the victory of Manchester United. Based on the match, the handicap betting was offered as Arsenal (+1), Handicap Tie (-1) Manchester United (-1). Manchester United will still be the winner as the result after handicap is still greater than Arsenal and which is 2-1.  This is important and need to be take note, the handicap will only apply for the team that you chose, and it is not going to happen for the situation that applying for both sides. So, let’s say if the handicaps were offered by Arsenal (+2) and Manchester United (-2), then Manchester United will never be the winner.

There is one important thing that must careful. For the people that are interested in placing their bet on the Handicap Tie and the market should be considered as whole. Do not ever forget that you are placing your bet on the team that are receiving the deficit. Handicap Betting is one of the famous bet that used by players. It might be a little complicated for the beginners to understand but the good thing is it have a higher odd when compared to other. Hope that this article could help you in the understanding of handicap betting and go to Singapore Sportsbook to place your bets now!