Low Variance Slot and Its Indicators
[ 11-11-2017 ]
Low Variance Slot and Its Indicators

There are three categories of different online slot games such as low variance, medium variance and high variance. Slots are designed in a low variant format and by playing them, players will get a very low risk type of slot playing session. When players choose to play low variance slot at Singapore Slot Games, they will find that the amounts of winning is not large but they will never lose bankroll in a short moment. However, in every spin of such slot machine, players still stand a chance of winning reasonable sized payout.

The first indicator of low variance slot is the top line payout. If higher the payout of the top line, the higher variance of the slots. In such cases, payouts will be reduced in order to maintain the average return. Players should avoid selecting high payout to start with.

In Singapore Slot Games, the second indicator is the number of defined paylines. More paylines will make for a higher winning chance and the chance of hitting winning combinations become more. These online slots tend to be lowest variance. It entails minimum risk so beginner should play on these slots. The relationship between the top payout and number of paylines is inverse. When the paylines increase, payout will decrease.

Another indicator is the bonus game. Almost all slots offer bonus features such as free spins. Such bonus will not get triggered very often and raise the variance of the slot game. The slots with bonus features usually have a higher payout. Therefore, conservative players should look for the slots that have less rewarding bonus features.

All in all, for conservative type of players, we recommend you to play at low variance slot in Singapore Slot Games before they are willing to take risk. As long as they are confident, they can switch to high variance slot machines.