How to Play Aces
[ 18-10-2017 ]
How to Play Aces

In Malaysia Online Casino poker game, there is another special term called ‘pocket aces’. It is known as not only the best starting hand and players are very hard to lose money, but also the easiest one to deal. The percentage of chance to win is near to 80%. However, the odds of having pocket aces is 220:1 so it is considered as very rarely to happen. It is very lucky if you get the cards, and it is relative unfortunate when you lose it while you are holding two aces.

The strategies are different based on how the situation are such as tournament, heads-up, early or late position, as well as playing limit or no limit. In a more general perspective, players should always raise aggressively preflop and continually bet and raise unless the board cards give too many chances for other opponents to win. During most playing time, players always raise preflop with pocket aces from any position in order to narrow down the number of opponents to deal.  

When there is no one raise the bet, Malaysia Online Casino players should make a strong starting bet as much as possible to discourage those opponents with weaker hands from calling pocket aces. If a player heads up against only one aggressive opponent, he can check and induce a bluff for that opponent. On the other hand, if the pot has been raised, players have to reraise the amount.

Most Malaysia Online Casino poker players may choose slow playing when they hold pocket aces. Players should avoid to slow play unless they are sure that opponents will raise for them. If players slow play and the other opponents will really call a large bet? Not really right? Note that it is necessary for players to maintain their face expression after reading the cards.