Blackjack Terns - How Can You Bet
[ 27-09-2017 ]
Blackjack Terns - How Can You Bet

There are some choices that players can choose in Online Casino blackjack game. First of all, “stand” means player requires no more cards because he believe the current total is able to beat the dealer. The next is “hit”. Online Casino player draws another card(s) to increase the probability of getting close to 21. When the card(s) result in busting, player loses the bet.

Player “surrender” to forfeit 50% of his bet and keep another half. However, this option is applicable when player holds only two cards and it not viable in every casinos. It is highly depends on casino rules. The following is “split”, means the player makes another bet which is same as the first bet and split the first two cards. Both cards will be the first card in two bets. Dealer will give a second card on the two different bets. Player can normally hit, stand or double with his two bets.

Another option is “doubling” player’s bet when he holds two card in total 9, 10 or 11. Player have to take more chips same as his original bet and place next to his bet. Dealer will give one, and only one, more card whatever its denomination in a facedown position. The card will only be shown up until the game is settled at the end.

When one of the dealer’s faceup cards is Ace, player can choose to take “insurance” by making a side bet. It helps player to lose only half of the bets if dealer gets blackjack. When the dealer’s facedown card is 10, he turns the card up and those players place bet on insurance win but still lose their original bet. For example, player A bet RM10 and dealer has Ace on his faceup card. Player takes RM5 insurance bet. If the dealer has blackjack, player A will lose the RM10 on his main bet but win another RM10 on the insurance bet.

The mentioned options are applicable to different situations by Online Casino players. Dealer is not allowed to have the option of splitting or doubling down.