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Festive Lion Online Slots In Ace Game | Malaysia Online Slots | Malaysia Slots Game

This post i going introduce about Festive Lion this online slots in Ace Game category. This is quite a interesting and fun game. If you fancy in online slot game, i'll recommended Malaysia online slots this online gambling website for you to enjoy playing online slot.

Travel to the Far East to enjoy a bright and beautiful experience with Festive Lion, the online video slot from Spade Gaming.

With lots of lucky symbols and cheery characters you won’t be able to help but play with a smile as you try to win instant cash prizes.

But will you be celebrating along with everyone else? Here’s a review of Festive Lion by Spade Gaming with everything you need to know.

Festive Lion has a real celebratory air to the game and the minute it appears on your screen you’ll be filled with the sense of happiness and good cheer.

it certainly lives up to its name with everyone appearing to enjoy the festivities in the small village that you’ve landed in.

You won’t have any doubt that you’ve been transported to the Far East because of the pagodas and traditional Chinese housing in the background. Set against a glowing amber sky with reels set in a pagoda of their own, the whole appearance is serene and tranquil.

There’s plenty of red and gold on the screen too, colors that the Chinese associate with wealth and good fortune so you might be lucky during play!

The reels are filled with a combination of symbols from block tiles with letters representing playing cards in metallic shiny colors to authentic Chinese designs, including the Happy China man.

The surroundings may look just like a humble village but there’s some serious riches hidden within so take some time to move to the paytable to view the prizes. This can be a smart move as it can help you to decide how much to bet, and what you could win in return.

The paytable is held away from the main screen so you’ll need to click on the “paytable” button in the left of the control panel.

You’ll find that all of the symbols have a different value and you can win by matching symbols on an active payline.

The paytable contains details of all of the various payline patterns but you don’t need to remember this, as the game will automatically recognise if you hit a winning position.

The symbols offer prizes for either two or three matches upwards; the more you match the greater your prize will be.

There’s also a wild symbol which can step in for other symbols on the board to help win a position. If the wild symbol is used to create a win, then the prize is instantly doubled. The paytable has two columns for each of the symbols which shows what the payout will be both with and without the wild symbol.

There’s a scatter symbol too and if you land three or more you’ll win a minimum of eight free spins and a x2 multiplier.

You’ll be given five pots to choose from and if you pick well you could increase your winning to up to x15 multiplier and 15 free spins. You can retriever your prize during your free spins so this can be a potentially very lucrative win!

Once you’ve sussed out exactly what could be up for grabs, let down your hair and prepare to join in the festivities by spinning the reels.

Just before you do, you’ll need to set up your betting preferences so that the party’s not over before it’s begun!

You’ll be playing on 5 reels with 25 potential paylines. It’s up to you how many you include in play by using the toggle buttons in the control panel. The more paylines which are included the better your chances of winning but it will increase your stake!

The coin value can be set from RM0.01 to RM1.00 and between one and ten coins can be bet on each line.

If you want to try to win even more prizes you can try out the gamble feature every time you land a win. This is a simple guessing game where you could double what you’ve got if you make the right prediction. But if you make the wrong choice you’ll forfeit the lot and return to the main game empty handed.

Festive Lion by Spade Gaming is an online video slot which has an instant feel-good vibe. There are lots of chances to win even if there’s no progressive jackpot. Simple enough for even newbies to join in but with lots of extras too, this game can be enjoyed by players of all levels of experience.

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