Pink Panther Online Slot – Plenty of bonus features in this game
[ 16-04-2018 ]

Pink Panther Online Slot – Plenty of bonus features in this game

The Pink Panther Online Slot accompanies piles of bonuses, so there are sufficient reasons to attempt and like this TONY88’s Slot. The free spins in Pink Panther can hit to 29. That isn't the finish of the advantages. The two progressive jackpots make everybody full of excitement. Pink Panther, the Online Slot brought out by Malaysia Online Slot, has 5 reels, 40 pay lines. In it, you will meet the most loved characters from the favourite cartoon. With the 4 bonus features, and with the chances to snatch 2 progressive jackpots, the purposes of playing are many.

There are the bonuses that you must appreciate in this game in Malaysia Online Slot.

The Pink Panther is the Wild. With 5 Wilds you get, your pay-out will be 5,000 coins. The Pink Pow is the bonus feature which you will have it be initiated in the base game randomly. At that point, the Panther will blow up the symbols, from 2 to 6, and they will move toward becoming Wilds, bringing moderate wins for you as well.

The Crack the Pink Code is another arbitrarily initiated bonus. In it, the components that you will get rewards from are safes, 10 in number. Pinco will open them, to uncover your advantages like free spins, expanding Wild, and multipliers. However, eventually the Panther will open the safe in which there is explosive. At that point your reward will be 2 free spins, and that will be the beginning of the free spins. As we said, the most extreme is 29 spins, and the least is 10; they will accompany a 2x multiplier.

Another bonus, the Colour Pink, is another randomly initiated one. There, Pinco and the little man will paint numbers on the wall. The numbers will be painted in blue and pink. For you, just those in pink will be considered. When you get them, gather your wins without any doubt. You can replay the round for the greatest of 3 times.

In the Wheel of Pink, likewise a randomly initiated bonus, Pink Panther will spin 2 wheels. The outside wheel is the one which will remunerate you with money prizes. On the inner wheel, you will see the engravings of Re-spin and Collect.

That isn't the end of your bonuses in Pink Panther. With the Pink Trail, another arbitrarily activated one, the Inspector will take after the footprints. He will do that in 4 rounds, and his objective will be to discover where the stolen jewel is hidden. Every of the footsteps is valuable for you, because with every one of them you get a money win. You should choose to Continue, or to Collect, at each round's end. Nevertheless, on the off chance that you choose to proceed with, you risk is coming into a trap which is awful for your wins, because they will shrink into half. The best point of view is to overcome the 4 rounds, at that point you will discover the stolen jewels, and your wins will be doubled up.

The two progressive jackpots are Major Pink and Minor Pink, also arbitrarily activated ones. With higher stakes, you have a higher possibility of actuating the jackpots. Out of the 12 entryways, you should choose 5 ones with Pink Panther for the Major Pink, and 4 Inspector entryways for the Minor Pink. Hope you could enjoy this game in Malaysia Online Slot by winning lot of cash prizes.