The common types of Sport Betting
[ 11-03-2018 ]

The common types of Sport Betting

Sport Betting is the term that stands for the activity of placing bets of the sporting events with the assistance of the prediction of the outcomes. The story of the betting type is very old, and it had evolved to many types after years. Presently, there are many types of bets that you can now place on diverse types of sporting events. Also, there are many more sports in the world and not just the football. The types of betting will sometimes depend on the sports that you are focusing on. No matter you are a new bettor or the betting experts, you can gain advantages by knowing these diverse types of betting where Singapore Sport Betting are discussing here.

Types of Sport Betting that might be useful in Singapore Sport Betting

1. Fixed Odds Betting

This is the most traditional betting types and the most common one that you can see in sport betting market. They usually play this because this is the simplest betting type that can be easily learned by the beginners. The fixed odds stand for the odds on the bet are decided by both parties when the bets are made. The wins are paid accordingly to these fixed odds although the odds might change over times.

2. Exchange Betting

This is the unique one where you are now betting against bettors and not the bookmaker. There is without the existence the bookmaker and only the exchange market. This way of betting might not be seen in the website of TONY88. Everything is the same as the Fixed Odds Betting, but only the bookmaker has changed to the other bettors.

3. In-Play Betting/Live Betting

This type of betting is obvious as its name. You can place your bets after the match has started. It is a form of the Fixed Odds Betting, but in traditionally, you must place your bets before the event start. Live Betting is in the other way rounds, bettors are allowing to place their bets anytime in the match even in the last minute of it.

4. Spread Betting

This is somehow like Over/Under betting. Let’s see an example for a better understanding. Let’s say the odds are given 2 sets of number of the basketball event, - 195 and 197 -  for the total points that might be score in a match. You can place your bets by having a total score of under the score of 195 or a total score of over 197.

5. E-Sport Betting

This is the latest betting types, and this is more common for the bettors that are younger generations. The bets are based on the online games that are usually play by the children and some of the adults. So, this is similar like the soccer betting, but the soccer has now changed to E-sports.

Sports Betting is a very famous betting method that like by the bettors. It allows them to have this opportunity to earn some money while they are enjoying their favourite sports in Singapore Sport Betting.